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Eliminate delay and procrastination.

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Bri Cobb, MBA

Founder of Ask-an-MBA

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Get access to the Marketing, Branding & digital

Advertising (MBA) expertise you need when you need it.

no need for long-term coaching or mastermind commitments

We know how important it is to get your business questions answered when you are in the thrust of the planning and execution phase. Sometimes, you are stuck and can't get any traction with your marketing efforts. Ask-an-MBA provides the Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising expertise and strategic guidance you need to move your projects and your business forward, so that you can generate more business and make more money.


Entrepreneurs accept, process and utilize information differently. This is why we provide options. Our expertise is available to you in 90-minute sessions, full-day strategy sessions and online courses and workshops. 

You may not have answers to your questions,

but we do.

If you're in search of the right and most strategic marketing tactics to promote your business...

If you need to identify a new target audience for additional business opportunities...

If you need to validate or refine your brand's properties

If you need to determine your business' brand message to attract the right prospects...

If you need to optimize your website to attract ideal prospects who want what you sell...

If you need to learn how to optimize Facebook and Instagram advertising...

3 Ways You Can Get Your Most Pressing Marketing and Branding Questions Answered


It's not about our degrees; it's about our qualifications to help your business soar.

But just so you know...

Our team of experts are entrepreneurs who have earned MBAs and have excelled in the corporate arena, leveraged their corporate experiences to launch, run and successfully grow their businesses. They bring their best to you and are equipped to strategically answer your burning questions to get you unstuck and to move your business projects forward for your ultimate success. 

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